Shale Oil: A Startling Prediction Using the Latest Statistical Techniques


“Under any scenario, future shale growth looks set to slow dramatically.”


Developments in the US shale basins have never been more important for global crude fundamentals. Over the past decade,..

Global Resource Anomaly: The Baltic Dry Index


“If global commodity demand was falling sharply today, we would expect tosee the Baltic Exchange Dry Index plummeting. Instead, just theopposite is happening.”


For nearly 30 years, we have been..

Global Resource Anomaly: Oil Market Term Structure


“While the conventional wisdom suggests the oil markets are in a sustained glut, the pronounced backwardization tells us that there is no truth in this belief.”


For nearly 30 years, we have been..

Global Resource Anomaly: Commodities versus Commodity Stocks


“The physical commodity markets and the natural resource equity markets are telling two drastically different stories.”


At Goehring & Rozencwajg, we are deep-value, contrarian investors. For..

PODCAST: Why the Commodities Bear Market is About to Reverse Direction


True value investors, Adam Rozencwajg and his partner Leigh Goehring believe the best time to find value in the natural resources space is when commodity prices become disproportionately..

A Trend Will Continue Until It Can No Longer


A Trend Will Continue Until It Can No Longer.” This saying ultimately has two related meanings. First, a trend may persist far longer than reason or logic would dictate. Second, the trend will..

What Catalyst Will Finally Kill the Commodities Bear Market?


“What will end the current period of commodity undervaluation? We are more and more convinced that it will once again be related to a shift in the global monetary regime, such as the potential..

[New Video] The Rally in Gold is Just Getting Started


Gold prices recently rose to more than $1,400 per ounce. Is this a fluke or could prices actually rally to over $10,000?


In this ten-minute video, our very own Leigh Goehring discusses the..

[PODCAST] A Comprehensive Look at Energy Markets with Leigh Goehring


On July 23rd, Leigh Goehring was a guest on the Invest with James West podcast series hosted by James West, Senior Managing Director & Partner at Evercore ISI.

Agricultural Markets: What Sunspots Mean for Global Growing Conditions, Part 2


“We believe we are potentially entering a significant period of decreased sunspot activity, with resulting severe weather implications.”


What is a sunspot and how does it affect the earth’s..

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