Considering Natural Resource Private Equity? Keep This in Mind


Tempted to invest in natural resource private deals?


The past 18 months has seen one of the more curious divergences we have ever seen: natural resource public equity has seen large..

Leigh Goehring Speaks About Commodities on Money Life Podcast


On Tuesday, April 30th, 2019, our very own Leigh Goehring was featured on the popular Money Life podcast, hosted by Chuck Jaffe.

In Leigh’s 12-minute segment, he makes the case that the..

Exposure to Commodities: What’s the Right Amount?


Advisors often expect “traditional” allocations, such as large cap equities or U.S. fixed income, to provide a fair amount of exposure to commodities. For example, a small cap equity manager may..

When is the Right Time to Allocate to Natural Resources?


While many investors we speak with have dedicated allocations to natural resources, others believe the cyclicality of the asset class warrants a market timing approach. One opinion we’ve heard..

The Relationship Between Yellow Vests and Electric Vehicles pt. 2/2


In the second edition of our “Yellow vests and electrical vehicles” theme (you can read the first edition here), we dive back into how the inferior energetics of electric vehicles (EVs) are..

The Relationship Between Yellow Vests and Electric Vehicles pt. 1/2


“There has never been an instance in the history of civilization where a new technology with inferior “energetics” has replaced an older technology with superior “energetics.”


While in southern..

Facts or Fiction? Saudi Aramco’s New Oil Reserve Report


In January, Saudi Aramco announced they had completed a new analysis of the size of their oil reserves. This new report is significant because true size of the Saudi reserves has been a very hot..

Update on the Permian Basin and Oil Market Outlook


"If we are correct, this would take OECD Inventory levels to 4.2 bn bbl by the end of 2019 or 90 mm bbl below the ten-year average level – a record deficit.”


Data around drilling productivity in..

Copper Markets and Increasing Indian Demand


“Indian refined copper demand surged by 13,000 tonnes or 33% on a year-over-year basis to reach 50,000 tonnes per month.”


Copper prices were weak toward the end of 2018 but have rebounded this..

Oil Updates: Brazil, Canada and Missing Barrels


“Looking forward, we still think the IEA is once again far too optimistic regarding its 2019 estimates for non-OPEC production outside of the US and Russia. Instead of growing by 120,000 b/d, our..

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