[New Podcast] Adam Rozencwajg Talks Oil Markets on Financial Sense

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“In the history of crude oil, nothing can compare to the past two months." 


Podcast IconGoehring & Rozencwajg managing partner Adam Rozencwajg recently joined Financial Sense (FS) Senior Editor Cris Sheridan on the FS podcast to provide an update on global oil markets. This truly is an unprecedented time for energy markets and the implications of reducing global output will likely be with us for years.


With global oil demand dropping by 30% and market participants focused on the prospect of storage reaching full capacity, this is a podcast you’ll want to pay attention to.


Other highlights from Adam’s interview on May 12, 2020 include:

  • The stage we’re at in terms of reducing supply & filling inventories
  • What types of wells will likely be shut-in
  • Which oil sources will be able to come back online
  • How fast excess inventories could be depleted when demand normalizes
  • Consequences of lower shale oil productivity

To listen to this interview, please click below. 

Adam Rozencwajg talks oil markets on Financial Sense Podcast


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