Natural Resources: Inflation, Capital Cycles and ESG Distortions


Inflation is now running at 40-year highs. Natural resource stocks were top performers in 2021 and their leadership has continued into 2022.

Could the 40-year bull market in bonds be coming to an end?

Is the 10-year downturn in energy that saw peak-to-trough prices fall by 90% finally behind us?

How can you position your portfolio to protect against these changes?

If these questions strike a chord with you, please join Leigh Goehring and Adam Rozencwajg, Managing Partners of G&R, for a live call to discuss our outlook on inflation and the relationship with natural resources, as well as the current positioning of our portfolio and the unfolding energy crisis.

We will also be discussing timely issues such as:

  • How ESG continues to distort capital flows
  • Whether a nuclear resurgence is here
  • How the market will run out of spare oil capacity in 2022

Have questions? You will be able to ask them during a live Q&A on the call, or you can submit them in advance after registration.

Join us on Wednesday, March 9, 2022 @ 2pm ET.