[New Mining Podcast] Oil to Outperform Gold Over the Next Six Months

Topics: Commodities, Energy, Real Assets

Managing Partner Adam Rozencwajg was recently interviewed on Mining Stock Education, a website and podcast dedicated to natural resources and precious metals education and investing.


During this 39-minute podcast, one of the many topics Adam and host Bill Powers discuss is catalysts that will likely cause oil to outperform gold over the next six months, and how Adam’s team has positioned his firm’s mutual fund to take advantage of this outlook.


Adam and Bill also touch on:

  • Potential impacts from the 2020 election
  • Why investors should look at uranium
  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Tesla’s impact on the mining industry
  • How exaggerated the oil/gold ratio has become
  • Emerging market demand for oil

Anyone who considers themself a contrarian investor will enjoy this podcast! Please click the link below to listen now:

Adam Rozencwajg on MiningStockEducation.com Podcast

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