[Podcast with Jesse Felder] The Generational Opportunity in Energy Stocks Today

Topics: Commodities, Natural Resources, Contrarian, Oil

In case you missed it, last week Managing Partner Leigh Goehring was fortunate to spend some time with Jesse Felder on his popular podcast Super Investors and the Art of Worldly Wisdom. Mr. Felder, a former hedge fund manager, is the founder of The Felder Report and his research has been featured in essentially every major financial media outlet. To quote Mr. Felder: 

You could say that natural resources run in Leigh Goering’s blood. The son of two oil and gas engineers, Leigh has spent nearly his entire life studying markets and investments related to commodities. Over the past 30 years, he has become one of the most brilliant and passionate analysts and money managers in the industry.


In this conversation, Leigh shares the details of his macro and micro research process and how he applies them to investing in natural resource stocks. He also details the case for a coming energy crisis and why energy stocks present investors with a generational opportunity today."1


It was an honor for us to take part in this podcast and we trust you will especially enjoy this episode. Please click the graphic below to listen now.


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