Market Insights Recap: Top 3 Posts of 2018

Topics: Commodities

Below we recap our 3 most popular blog posts to date for 2018.  


New Trends in Oil Supply & Demand


Several new developments in oil have emerged and our outlook has become even more bullish. Most importantly, OECD inventory data continues to confirm that the global oil market remains in an accelerating deficit. Read Now

The World Bank: Commodity Prices Will Rise More Than Expected in 2018


The World Bank recently published another issue of their Commodity Markets Outlook, with insights and data paralleling our beliefs and validating much of our recent research. Read Now

An Opportune Time to Invest in Gold,  but an Even Better Time for Oil

GR Blog 104 Chart   

We believe we are entering into a huge bull market in commodities and related equity investments—one that will rival the bull market experienced in the 1970s and 2000’s. Our research shows investors will be presented with a similar and rare investment opportunity in precious metals. Read Now