The Uranium Bull: Defying Trends and Redefining Energy Markets


The article below is an excerpt from our Q2 2023 commentary. Why has uranium rallied while every other energy commodity has collapsed?

Over the past twelve months, spot uranium advanced 12% while..

Natural Resource Market Commentary: Q2 2023


The article below is an excerpt from our Q2 2023 commentary. Commodities and related natural resource markets were broadly weak in the second quarter. Investors remained concerned about a global..

The Upcoming Gold Bull Market: How High Will Gold Prices Go?


The article below is an excerpt from our Q2 2023 commentary. Gold is no different than any other asset class: it becomes popular, rises in price, is overvalued, and ultimately represents a poor..

Golden Foresight


The article below is an excerpt from our Q2 2023 commentary.Picture it, if you will: December of 2029. In a dimly lit private dining room, the sound of cutlery clinking blends with spirited..

The Bull Market for Gold and Silver: 1970s vs Today


The article below is an excerpt from our Q1 2023 commentary.We are using the 1970s as an analog for precious metals this decade. So far, it is proving to be prescient. By 1974, silver had..

Top 3 Goehring & Rozencwajg Posts of 2023


We're halfway through the year, so we thought it would be a perfect time for us to pause and reflect on our written works. Below are the three most viewed blog posts for the year 2023 so far. Thank..

Is Gold in a New Bull Market Phase?


"We think that gold has entered into a new phase of this bull market," said Adam Rozencwajg of Goehring & Rozencwajg (G&R).G&R has been bullish on gold for quite some time, but we have been mostly..

[Podcast] MacroVoices: A discussion around Energy, Gold, Copper and Uranium


Adam Rozencwajg, CFA, Managing Partner at Goehring & Rozencwajg, recently joined MacroVoices host Erik Townsend to discuss the energy, gold, copper, and uranium markets.  This recent discussion..

[REPLAY] 2022 Investor Day - The Coming Decade of Shortages


Goehring & Rozencwajg hosted afascinating one-day live eventto discusshow to prepare for the coming decade of shortages in everything from energy to materials and agriculture,on Thursday,..

A Head Fake in Precious Metals: The Bear Market Drags On


The article below is an excerpt from our Q2 2022 commentary.Ever since silver staged a furious catch-up rally back in the summer of 2020 -- something that has always signaled a long corrective phase..

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