Catastrophic Agriculture Markets


The article below is an excerpt from our Q1 2022 commentary. 

World Bank warns of ‘human catastrophe’ food crisis.” - BBC News, April 20, 2022“Farmers are seeing prices for fertilizers skyrocket...

Tightness in Grain Markets


“Food Supply Chains Are Buckling as World Runs Short of Workers” Bloomberg, September 2, 2021“Ruined Brazil Harvest Sparks Food Inflation Everywhere” Bloomberg, September 28, 2021

First appeared in..

Agricultural Markets: What Sunspots Mean for Global Growing Conditions, Part 2


“We believe we are potentially entering a significant period of decreased sunspot activity, with resulting severe weather implications.”


What is a sunspot and how does it affect the earth’s..

Agricultural Markets: What Sunspots Mean for Global Growing Conditions, Part 1


We recently pointed out that while it may sound unorthodox, no one has even dared ponder what the effects of a global cooling period would have on crop conditions. If the warming of the past 70 years..

Agricultural Markets: The Relationship Between Rising Temperatures and Crops


“As the weather has become warmer and warmer over the last 70 years, the global grain harvest has become larger and larger.”


One of the great arguments put forth by a huge number of economists,..

Agricultural Markets: Despite Trade Talk, Global Grain Market Remains on a Knife’s Edge


Global grain markets continue to be on a knife’s edge. Because of extremely strong grain demand, any drop in record global grain yields will have huge impacts on global grain inventories, which are..

Reasons to Be Bullish on Grains


US grain markets have found themselves front and center in the rapidly escalating trade war with China. Since the Trump administration announced two rounds of tariff increases on Chinese goods, the..

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