Dispatch from the Road: Changes in Saudi Arabia


We are currently in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia attending the inaugural Future Minerals Forum. This is our first dedicated research trip since COVID-19 and it has not disappointed. While most investors..

The Energy Crisis is Here - What's Coming Next?


“Europe’s Energy Crunch Sparks Panic in Asia and Dash to Buy Fuel” Bloomberg, September 16, 2021“Europe’s Energy Crisis Is Coming for the Rest of the World, Too” Bloomberg, September 27, 2021..

Top Three Blog Posts of 2021


Over the past 18 months energy prices went from an all time record low (negative oil prices) to an all time record high ($40 per mmbtu European natural gas). The energy crisis we had predicted is..

Tightness in Grain Markets


“Food Supply Chains Are Buckling as World Runs Short of Workers” Bloomberg, September 2, 2021“Ruined Brazil Harvest Sparks Food Inflation Everywhere” Bloomberg, September 28, 2021

First appeared..

The Most Important 2000 Years of Energy History– Video Featuring Leigh Goehring and Adam Rozencwajg


Few people think of energy at all and even fewer think about its history. We are on the verge of a new chapter in the History of Energy and few people realize the implications.

The Incredible Shrinking Oil Majors


First appeared in Q2 2021 letter


Oil production growth outside of OPEC+ and the US shales has been extremely difficult to achieve — even before the recent ESG pressures. Over the last 20 years,..

The IEA’s Role in the Coming Oil Crisis


First appeared in Q2 2021 letter


The foundation for the upcoming oil crisis is now firmly set in place. Despite recent hiccups related to the delta variant, the world is re-opening and global..

Nuclear Energy: The Early Success of Small Modular Reactors


First appeared in Q2 2021 letter


Uranium stocks sold off in mid-June as news outlets reported a possible leak at the Taishan Chinese reactor, a joint venture with Électricité de France (EDF)...

The Potential Earnings Power of Copper Miners


First appeared in Q2 2021 letter

Copper made a new all-time high during the quarter. After bottoming in January 2016 at $1.94 per pound, copper rallied 150% to reach $4.77 on May 11th 2021...

What to Expect From Gold and Silver Going Forward


First appeared in Q2 2021 letter

While we believe a huge precious metals bull market lies in front of us, we must also be aware that challenges remain over the medium term. Since the beginning of..

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