[Video] Rising Gas Prices vs Battery Costs


With gas headed toward $2/Litre, can an electric future really balance the scales? On December 8, 2021, Adam Rozencwajg was one of the featured experts at the Driving into the Future virtual auto..

Rising Gas Prices vs Battery Costs - Virtual Discussion with Adam Rozencwajg


We are excited to be one of the featured experts at the Driving into the Future virtual auto event brought to you by TOYOTA.

North American Gas Markets Now in Deficit


Tightness in the US natural gas market is beginning to manifest itself in low inventory levels. After having started the year at a 200 bcf surplus to the five-year seasonal average, US inventories..

Modeling the Haynesville & Marcellus Recoverable Natural Gas Reserves


In a previous post, we talked about how over the last nine years, the largest source of U.S. natural gas supply growth has come from the Marcellus shale. The Marcellus produces 22.5 bcf/d,..

Natural Gas: A Potential Turning Point in a Decade’s Long Bear Market?


The shale gas revolution began in earnest in 2005. Even though the shales were being aggressively developed, shale gas production in 2010 still represented only 20% of US supply. Of the 21 trillion..

North American Natural Gas - Weather Related Imbalances Emerge


“While any weather-related price spike is likely to be short-lived, the risk/return now embedded in certain select natural gas securities has become more compelling”


Henry Hub gas prices were..

Super Cool Fuel: Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)


“For the first nine months of the year, Chinese imports are up an incredible 50% year-on-year. We estimate that total 2018 LNG imports could approach 8 bcf/d – far above analysts’ expectations.” 

What’s Behind the Recent Rally in Natural Gas Prices


Natural gas prices have surged 20% since mid-September, though the rally is likely behind us.


Unless you follow the natural gas market or received a bill from your energy company recently, you may..

Natural Gas: Supply Continues to Surge. Stay on the Sidelines


Although natural gas demand remains extremely strong, supply continues to surge.

Image Source: https://oklahomaminerals.com/natural-gas-storage-underground-overlooked-and-under-appreciated/



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