Running Out of Spare Oil Capacity - What's Next?


The article below is an excerpt from our Q1 2022 commentary. Between 2010 and 2020 the world grew accustomed to cheap, abundant conventional energy. Global energy markets were so well supplied for so..

Inflation and Magazine Covers (Part III)


The article below is an excerpt from our Q1 2022 commentary. On April 20th, 2019, Bloomberg/BusinessWeek magazine published an issue entitled “Is Inflation Dead?” with a dead dinosaur prominently..

The Commodity Bull Market Has Only Just Begun


The article below is an excerpt from our Q1 2022 commentary. One of the most frequent questions we get asked regarding this commodity bull market is: “Have I missed it? Is it too late to make an..

1Q 2022 Highlights by Goehring & Rozencwajg


Charts of the Quarter

Top Chart: Not only is the commodity bull market not over, it has hardly begun. This chart shows the returns of the Goldman Sachs commodity index versus the level of the US..

[Podcast] The Dark Side of Renewable Energy ft. Adam Rozencwajg


Adam Rozencwajg, CFA, Managing Partner at Goehring & Rozencwajg, joined the "Top Traders Unplugged" podcast as part of their Global Macro series. In this episode, The Dark Side of Renewable Energy,..

The Global Natural Gas Crisis is coming to North America


A sudden and unexpected event is about to take place: the global natural gas crisis, now gripping large swaths of the world, is about to engulf North America as well.Asian and European natural gas..

"Full-blown Energy Crisis" Started Long Before Russia/Ukraine War


Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have thrown oil and gas prices into focus, but an energy crisis has been brewing for much longer than the war has been going on.In an interview with Investing News..

[Podcast] Financial Sense: Adam Rozencwajg on the Post-Invasion Outlook for Energy and Commodities


Massive price spikes are occurring in a number of critical commodities after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.In this Financial Sense Newshour Podcast (recorded March 8, 2022), Adam Rozencwajg shares an..

Ongoing Shortages for Global Natural Gas


The article below is an excerpt from our Q4 2021 commentary. Without US liquefied natural gas (LNG), Europe may well have frozen literally to death this winter. We believe what is happening with..

The Oil Crisis is Unfolding in Slow Motion


The article below is an excerpt from our Q4 2021 commentary. 

“The world has already passed ‘peak oil’ demand, according to Carbon Brief analysis of the latest energy outlook from oil major BP.” ..

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