What to Expect From Gold and Silver Going Forward


First appeared in Q2 2021 letter

While we believe a huge precious metals bull market lies in front of us, we must also be aware that challenges remain over the medium term. Since the beginning of..

Will Gold Take a Breather?


“Given silver’s huge move in the last six months, gold and precious metals could now go through a potential correction phase within a larger bull market.” 

In gold bull markets over the last 50..

[Video with Real Vision] Interview with Leigh Goehring and Jim Grant


The Archives from Real Vision recently re-released this classic interview from 2018 featuring Leigh Goehring and legendary financial writer Jim Grant. Their conversation revolves around the turning..

[Video Interview with Real Vision] The Fundamentals of Gold Miner Equities


With gold prices rallying, is it still a good investment?

Should you invest in the physical commodities or in the equities of gold-producing companies?

What characteristics do a strong mining company..

The Rally in Gold Continues


“Even adjusting the Fed’s balance sheet for excess reserves (a debate in and of itself), we believe today’s balance sheet justifies a gold price in excess of $15,000 per ounce on the low side or..

A Trend Will Continue Until It Can No Longer


A Trend Will Continue Until It Can No Longer.” This saying ultimately has two related meanings. First, a trend may persist far longer than reason or logic would dictate. Second, the trend will..

[New Video] The Rally in Gold is Just Getting Started


Gold prices recently rose to more than $1,400 per ounce. Is this a fluke or could prices actually rally to over $10,000?

In this ten-minute video, our very own Leigh Goehring discusses the factors..

Precious Metals: The Impact of Inflation


As our readers know, we believe a huge bull market in precious metals sits directly in front of us. For proof, we look no further than the April 22, 2019 Bloomberg Businessweek cover. Nearly 40 years..

Leigh Goehring Speaks About Commodities on Money Life Podcast


On Tuesday, April 30th, 2019, our very own Leigh Goehring was featured on the popular Money Life podcast, hosted by Chuck Jaffe.

In Leigh’s 12-minute segment, he makes the case that the commodities..

What the Gold-Silver Ratio Can Tell Us About Precious Metals


In previous quarterly letters, including Q3 2018 (Into The “Red Zone” We Go), we stated our belief that a huge new bull market would develop in gold that could take the metal to levels significantly..

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