[Webinar Replay] G&R's Outlook on Energy and Inflation


Managing Partners Leigh Goehring and Adam Rozencwajg recently hosted a video webinar that was viewed live by over 1,300 people.

Magazine Covers Revisited


We rarely republish old essays but given its importance we felt the need to do so in this case. In April 2019, BusinessWeek published a cover story asking “Is Inflation Dead” with a picture of a dead..

Natural Resources: Inflation, Capital Cycles and ESG Distortions


Inflation is now running at 40-year highs. Natural resource stocks were top performers in 2021 and their leadership has continued into 2022.Could the 40-year bull market in bonds be coming to an end?

Is Inflation Necessary for a Natural Resource Bull Market?


The US CPI grew at 7.1% in the fourth quarter of 2021 signaling the highest inflation in 40 years. Nearly three years ago, Bloomberg Businessweek proclaimed the “Death of Inflation” on its cover –..

The Incredible Shrinking Oil Majors – Part II


“Chevron Girds for Activist Challenge After Exxon’s Proxy Battle Defeat” Wall Street Journal, September 3, 2021“Exxon Debates Abandoning Some of Its Biggest Oil and Gas Projects” Wall Street Journal,..

Dispatch from the Road: Changes in Saudi Arabia


We are currently in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia attending the inaugural Future Minerals Forum. This is our first dedicated research trip since COVID-19 and it has not disappointed. While most investors..

Tightness in Grain Markets


“Food Supply Chains Are Buckling as World Runs Short of Workers” Bloomberg, September 2, 2021“Ruined Brazil Harvest Sparks Food Inflation Everywhere” Bloomberg, September 28, 2021

First appeared in..

Leigh Goehring on the Many Factors Sending Oil Prices Higher


Managing Partners Leigh Goehring and Adam Rozencwajg recently hosted a video conference call along with Stacy Havener, CEO and Founder of Havener Capital Partners. During the event, they discussed..

[Podcast with Financial Sense] Copper Has Years Left to Run


Managing partner Adam Rozencwajg was recently featured on Financial Sense Wealth Management’s popular podcast to discuss the supply and demand backdrop for copper, and why we’ll likely see higher..

Setting the Stage for an Oil Crisis


We believe we are on the cusp of a global energy crisis. Like most crises, the fundamental causes for this crisis have been brewing for several years but have lacked a catalyst to bring them to the..

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